State Farm Auto Repair Facility Labor Rate Survey


Collision Repair facilities need to understand the importance of filling out labor rate surveys. Keeping your information up to date in these databases creates a more fair market for everyone. In such a highly skilled industry, we should be submitting and collecting this data regularly as our requirements to fix these technologically-advanced vehicles is constantly evolving.

To avoid consequences as a result of being pursued under the Clayton Act use a non-contracted rate (retail door rate) when filling out surveys. It is also very important to accurately report your employee, work stall and certification counts– these are taken into consideration.

State Farm Labor Survey

Collision repair shops should participate in the State Farm Repair Facility Survey, whether you’re on their program or not as it could affect the prevailing market rate in your area.  When shops do not keep their rates updated in the State Farm Survey, the current prevailing rate may not be accurately reflected.

The survey  should be updated whenever certain conditions change within your facility. This could be the number of technicians and/or work stalls or if the cost of doing business has changed. With the cost of doing business constantly changing you should keep ALL surveys up to date.

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Anti trust guidelines

You should not discuss your rates or prices or consult with any other repair facility when updating your information. Any joint understanding or agreement among competing repair facilities concerning pricing constitutes illegal price-fixing in violation of antitrust laws and carries substantial civil and criminal penalties. Pricing decisions must be made independently and not in concert or coordination with other repair facilities.